Come One, Come All!!

"As I wander through the mazes of my life, I find great pleasure in sharing with others. So I welcome you with open arms and a happy smile to meander through my world. Come one, Come all!"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maybe this old gray mare can learn something new!

I want everybody to notice that I have a copy of The Diva's Challenge Button on my side bar!!!
I have also added a clock!!
After Laura practically drawing me a picture..
Yes in her tutorial she did have pictures...
...I figure out how to post my tangles on the challenge site.
Then, I get a real cell phone! I know everyone else has had a cell phone for decades and think they are child's play. I spend serious time going over the instructions word by word.
I have used the self check line at the grocery store twice now.
Then after umteen tries using her new tutorial
I get the Diva's Challenge!!

I walk a line #1