Come One, Come All!!

"As I wander through the mazes of my life, I find great pleasure in sharing with others. So I welcome you with open arms and a happy smile to meander through my world. Come one, Come all!"

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mon ixorus experiment

I have become fascinated with this "Idea" so I want to play.

Pay It Forward

This "Pay It Forward" seems to be making its way around blogdom. I first saw it on Nathalie's blog, An Artist's Legacy, and decided I would love to play along! In order to be a recipient of one of her wonderful creations, I must pay it forward to someone else - actually, to 5 someone elses!!

So, here are the rules, I hope there are 5 of you out here in blogdom who would like to "play" along!!!

Simple Rules:

I will create something handmade to the 1st five people who leave a comment on this post saying they would like to participate
. To be play along, you must be willing to repost this and do the same- offering something handmade to five other people.
All handmade "gifts" will be sent sometime in 2011- gives you alot of time!!!
I will try to get mine out in the next month or so - if I allow myself the whole year, I WILL forget!!!LOL